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Faculty Policies and Procedures

The Rawls Testing Center has 68 computers, 3 of which are ADA compliant. The testing center computers are configured with the minimal software required for testing. The Rawls Testing Center only administers on campus Undergraduate course exams.

  • Hours of Operation - The Rawls Testing Center is available for testing Monday thru Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. The testing center will close promptly at this time. The testing center will be closed for all campus holidays.
  • Student Assistants - The role of Rawls Testing Center student assistants is filled by Rawls graduate students. Testing center assistants are responsible for providing front-end support to students entering and exiting the testing center. They are responsible for the student check-in/out process and answering general questions regarding the testing center.
  • Proctors – The role of Rawls Testing Center proctors is served by Rawls graduate students. Proctors will move around the room during a test to monitor student progress, ensure that no unauthorized materials are present, and ensure academic integrity is upheld. They are able to answer basic Blackboard log-in questions and provide support to students during their test session in the testing center. All other proctor tasks will be given per manager discretion, including computer usage.
  • Visitor Use - The Rawls Testing Center is not an open university computer lab. Any organizations or individuals outside of the Rawls College of Business Administration must seek permission from the Dean's Office at least two weeks prior to the event, including tours and photography.
  • Lost and Found Items - The Rawls Testing Center is not responsible for lost personal items or data. Any personal items found by the staff will be placed at the Manager viewing area of the testing center and they will be turned into the main lost and found (Support Services - Room 107) at the end of week.

The following policies and procedures are designed specifically for faculty teaching an undergraduate course that will use the Rawls Testing Center for administering electronic tests. Faculty should also make themselves aware of the policies and procedures that their students must follow when using the testing center.

  • Email – All electronic correspondence with the Rawls Testing Center must be transacted through an official TTU email address due to FERPA requirements.
  • Assessment options – The Rawls Testing Center will only support the use of Blackboard and Certiport for testing.
  • Scheduling a Test - Faculty may request to schedule a test in the Rawls Testing Center for the duration of one academic semester only (Fall, Spring or Summer). Faculty may make their scheduling request by using the ‘Test Management’ system found on the Rawls Testing Center’s website here. All testing requests, including changes, must be in writing or come from the instructor via email to rawls.testingcenter@ttu.edu . The Rawls Testing Center will provide confirmation to requests and changes. Scheduling may be made beginning four weeks prior to the semester in which the testing center is needed. Instructor course evaluations and specialized tasks are not to be completed by students in the testing center without prior arrangement.
    • Faculty must provide the following information in their scheduling request:
      • Name of faculty member
      • Course ID, section number and number of students per section
      • Test name and description
      • Start date/time and end date/time as well as test length.
      • Testing materials needed. For example, calculator (provided by Testing Center), 3 X 5 notecard, etc. Any formula sheets should be incorporated into the test as a PDF with a link for students to access. The Rawls Testing Center provides scratch paper unless otherwise stated. NOTE: All paper materials used during a test will be collected from students at check-out and properly disposed of.
      • A vaild alternate phone number must be provided. It will only be contacted in the event of a problem with either a student or the test.
  • Makeup Tests – All makeup tests must be completed at least one week prior to finals week. Please submit all requests via email to rawls.testingcenter@ttu.edu
  • Test Exceptions - Test exceptions are reserved for special circumstances where students have missed an exam window or need to come before the exam window. Please submit all requests, including student's name and Rnumber via email to rawls.testingcenter@ttu.edu
  • Test Dates and Time Limits - Tests may only be scheduled during opening hours: Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm. Testing Center closures can be found here. In order to allow all students to complete the test, please schedule your tests over a 3 day window if you have a large class. Test time limits are not to exceed the normal scheduled lecture components’ time length (SDS not included).
  • Policy for General Testing Center Outages - The Rawls Testing Center has policies in place for handling extended outages, relating to: general power failure, sever or network failure and forced evacuation of the building. Any alternative testing procedure should be included in the faculty's course planning and syllabus, such as the availability of make-up tests, extended time, and test resets.
  • Cheating - All incidents of suspected cheating will be documented utilizing but not limited to, visual accounts, digital camera recordings, and screen captures. The Rawls Testing Center manager will report these incidents, including all supporting documentation, to the instructor of record for appropriate course action. The testing center also submits a copy of incidents to the Student Conduct Board. 
  • Copyright - Instructors who utilize the Rawls Testing Center are responsible for all materials used in the creation of online tests to be sure that there is no copyright infringement.