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Texas Instrument BAII PLUS Tutorial

To begin, look at the face of the calculator. Almost every key on the BAII PLUS has two functions: each key’s primary function is noted on the key itself; while each key’s secondary function is noted in white above the key. To use the function on the key, simply press the key. To access the white function above each key, first press the gray key with “2nd” printed on it, which we will call the “2nd shift” key, and then press the desired function key. (The 2nd shift key is near the upper left corner of the calculator keyboard.)

Turning the Calculator On and Off

Auto Shut Off

2nd Shift Key

Clearing the Calculator

Changing the Display

For more information about the Texas Instrument BAII PLUS see the full PDF guide.

Additional Calculators

Upon request the Rawls Testing Center has the below calculators available for student use as well:

HP 10bII+

HP 12c

TI 30X