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Student Policies and Procedures

The Rawls Testing Center has 68 computers, 3 of which are ADA compliant. The testing center computers are configured with the minimal software required for testing.

  • Hours of Operation - The Rawls Testing Center is available for testing Monday thru Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. The testing center will close promptly at this time. The testing center will be closed for all campus holidays.
  • Student Assistants - The role of Rawls Testing Center student assistants is filled by Rawls graduate students. Testing center assistants are responsible for providing front-end support to students entering and exiting the testing center. They are responsible for the student check-in/out process and answering general questions regarding the testing center.
  • Proctors – The role of Rawls Testing Center proctors is served by Rawls graduate students. Proctors will move around the room during a test to monitor student progress, ensure that no unauthorized materials are present, and ensure academic integrity is upheld. They are able to answer basic Blackboard log-in questions and provide support to students during their test session in the testing center. All other proctor tasks will be given per manager discretion, including computer usage.
  • Visitor Use - The Rawls Testing Center is not an open university computer lab. Any organizations or individuals outside of the Rawls College of Business Administration must seek permission from the Dean's Office at least two weeks prior to the event, including tours and photography.
  • Lost and Found Items - The Rawls Testing Center is not responsible for lost personal items or data. Any personal items found by the staff will be placed at the Manager viewing area of the testing center and they will be turned into the main lost and found (Support Services - Room 107) at the end of week.

The following policies and procedures are for all students testing in the Rawls Testing Center. Students are responsible for reviewing the following policies and procedures, prior to taking an exam in the testing center.

  • Acceptable Use - Students in the Rawls Testing Center are expected to use the resources responsibly and in accordance with TTU Operating Policies, including the TTU IT security policies found in the Student Code of Conduct and in accordance with the TTU IT Acceptable Use Policy. Computer workstations in the testing center must not be turned off, moved, or unplugged. Students should return their station to its normal orientation, when departing the testing area.
  • Prohibited Items - The following items are prohibited in the Rawls Testing Center: cellphones and other electronic devices including smart watches, non-testing center calculators, oversize and cumbersome clothing such as jackets, books, notes or other study materials unless explicitly authorized by the professor.
  • Cellphones - All students are prohibited from having cellphones while in the Rawls Testing Center. Any student caught with a cellphone will be immediately escorted from the testing center and their exam submitted as-is. The student's professor will be contacted via email regarding the incident.
  • Electronic Monitoring and Surveillance - Students are monitored/recorded at all times by Rawls Testing Center staff, both in person and by electronic means.
  • Checking In and Checking Out - Students are required to present a valid TTU student ID to gain entry to the Rawls Testing Center. Students must verify with testing center staff which test they are taking and must submit any allowed materials for verification. Students will be checked for any unauthorized materials and will not be admitted until all unauthorized materials are removed from their person. Students are assigned seats by the Proctors. Seats are available on a first come first serve basis. When checking out, students will be required to present their TTU student ID card and to submit any testing materials such as testing center calculators, notecards, and scratch paper before they can leave the testing center.
  • Reporting Issues - Students must immediately report any technical issues to the Proctors. Only issues reported at the time of the test will be addressed by the Rawls Testing Center. Students must wait patiently for testing center staff to resolve the issue and follow all given instructions. Professors will be informed via email about any technical issues.
  • Leaving the testing area - Students are not permitted to leave the testing area. Once a student has started their exam, they must remain seated for the duration of their exam.  If a student leaves the testing area without authorization, the student's exam will be ended, their computer reset and the station reassigned to the next student.
  • Cheating and other Unethical Behavior- All incidents of suspected cheating or unethical behavior will be documented utilizing, but not limited to, visual accounts, digital camera recordings, and screen captures. The Rawls Testing Center manager will report these incidents, including all supporting documentation, to the instructor of record for appropriate course action. The testing center also submits a copy of incidents to the Student Conduct Board.
  • Email – All electronic correspondence with the Rawls Testing Center must be transacted through an official TTU email address due to FERPA requirements.